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"Adapting accordingly is vital"

What do we offer you?

At AshlitAir, we offer a not generally common flight mode. In other words, our motto is to fly with planes of a different structure than usual. We operate with a light and economical fleet, with us you will fly in a different, fun and dynamic way. If you want to know a little more about what we can offer you ... Look below and we will summarize it for you!

Updated Own Simbrief

  • Updated database.

  • Integrated Flights.

  • Updated flights.

  • Information for the pilot.

Active FSAirlines Account

  • Flights database updated.

  • Scheduled flights

  • Charter flights.

  • Pilot and fleet management.

Crew Link Account

  • Notams and circular crew.
  • Navigation charts.

  • Manuals for the crew.

  • Operations in pdf.