About AshlitAir

We explain it to you!

Hello, if you have reached this point it is because you are interested in knowing us a little more than what we already showed.

AshlitAir, was born from the point of view of a group of amateur friends and lovers of aviation. Which after many flights together make the decision to create something different from what is used to seeing in current airlines.

We want to be different, like every drop that runs through the glass of your plane. Each of them of different sizes and shapes. Simply different but close and professional with what we love.

That is why the birth of AshlitAir, an airline with two united sectors.

One of them with a view to the air taxi service, thus being able to fly a modern and reliable fleet as well as fun. Always using our professionalism, because that is something very important that we like to have. People who do things correctly and finalize every detail.

On the other hand, we have an ACMI service. Which will offer the pilot to carry out different forms of operations around the world. Thanks to the good coverage that our fleet offers us.

Also we could not escape telling you that here the important thing is you. Because we look a lot that our colleagues feel at home, like a small but at the same time great family of which we are all proud, if this goes well. Nothing can go wrong.

A cordial greeting,

Management team.