Welcome aboard!

What are we?

We welcome you to our VIP and medical helicopter service.

This service was created in order to be able to offer more options to operate, in a more VIP or sanitary way, depending on the contracted service.

We are ACMI in the air transport sector, thus having the utmost confidence in our crew.

What we offer?

Our new helicopter operation offers a wide range.

As well as vip executive flight services, operating anywhere in the world, adapting to our client.

As well as HEMS H24 flights. Thus making health emergency flights and organ transfers to any point.

Our fleet

Capacity pax: 7

Quantity: 1

Airbus H135

Registration: EC-LNH

Engine: Bimotor

Agusta AW139

Registration: EC-LNK

Engine: Bimotor

Capacity pax: 15

Quantity: 1

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